Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School and Such

Yesterday was Kaleb's first day of kindergarten and it went really, really well. He is going to our charter school and it is the perfect set up for him. He will go on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I will homeschool the rest of the week. I will go with him as long as he needs, but after today, I am hopeful that he will be ready soon. Kaleb, like many children, thrives with structure, so I think his going to school and Toby and Addie starting next week will be very helpful for all of us.

However, Kaleb is struggling at home and therefore, the rest of us are struggling. I remember in my reading that older children will often start losing their language before fully grasping English which can result in a lot of frustration and acting out. I think this might be some of what we are seeing. I have been amazed by the amount of English he is already using and his ability to understand what we are asking, but sometimes I think I underestimate how difficult it is for him. I was talking with friend about some of our difficulties and I said that if I step back out of my own chaos and exhaustion and look at his life, what he endured before and all the changes he has faced in the last 7 weeks my compassion grows exponentially. I just wish I could say that I do this naturally, but it isn't natural - it takes God's grace. Do you guys see a theme in what I have been learning? I also told my friend that I can pinpoint failures with my biological children, but I feel as though there is a foundation to be able to change and grow. I have this fear that this is my only chance with my adopted children and if I mess up now, there is no going back. This is not truth. Adoption and parenting of all children is a journey. We have successes and failures daily and is very important to celebrate the victories and learn from the mistakes.

On the home front, Jeff was home for a night and is gone again:( We are hopeful he will be back September 9. We all miss him so much. My mom was also gone, but thankfully she is home now. I am so grateful to have her near. Enjoy the school pictures - he is so cute!

Kaleb all ready to go

In front of Plumas Charter School - Emnet had to join us

Kaleb telling the class his name


Kaleb with his teacher Ms. Kara

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