Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun Facts

So here are a few fun things about the kids:

Both Kaleb and Emnet were scared to go down the slide or on the swings at first. Now, I can't get them off.

Emnet will dance any time she hears music and she's good.

Kaleb and Emnet were very scared of Wingnut (our yellow lab) They would run away and scream if he came near them. Now Kaleb loves throwing the ball to Wingnut. He will tell him to drop it, sit, and come. Emnet loves to feed Wingnut. If I don't watch her he will get twenty scoops of his food and some of hers.

Kaleb is very helpful. He loves to help me vacuum, empty the dishwasher and carry in groceries - Yes!

I can bribe Emnet to anything with goldfish crackers. It is her most often used English word :)

We thought Kaleb had some rotten teeth, but he doesn't! He is going to lose some teeth soon though, so we need to get family pictures taken ASAP.

I told Emnet in the car yesterday that her sunglasses were upside down and she fixed them.

Kaleb makes a face very similar to Bill Cosby's on the Jello Pudding Pops commercials for those of you who were kids in the 80's. It is hilarious.

Emnet is very particular about her clothes and likes to change them several times a day. Then again, so does Addie.

Kaleb didn't want to get his swimsuit wet and Emnet jumped in the pool during Toby and Addie's swim lessons.

I am thankful I don't speak Amharic/Sidama when Emnet yells at me - I know it is not nice.

Kaleb's favorite book is "When Dinosaurs Say Goodnight" We read it every night.

Emnet melts my heart when she says "I love you. Goodnight"

Jeff has 4 different names - to Toby he is Dad, to Kaleb he is Daddy, to Addie he is Dada and to Emnet he is Apapa. I'm Mama in varying levels of whine.


  1. Hey Jeff and Jill... I finally got a chance to look at this and see pics of your beautiful children... we have been praying for you all as we are surrounded by adoption stories here every day. The 3 girls and me volunteer at an orphanage 1x a week and we are learning a lot. When the chaos settles in a bit we will have to touch base- we love you and look forward to hearing more of your transition! God is good! Dina for all the Jones'