Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Silly Superheroes

I have been trying to focus on the lighter moments at our house. Jeff is wonderful at bringing laughter into most situations and he is missed. I have a hard time doing this especially when I am frustrated, so I have been trying to encourage the kids in their silliness. They came up with this all on their own.

Bat Toby

Spiderman - his favorite

Always a Princess even when doing Kung Fu

Not sure about this one on so many levels but she always makes me laugh


  1. This is so cute!

    You're a great mama, Jill!
    You're amazing; taking care of 4 while Jeff is gone.
    I hope you're getting quiet moments here and there for yourself. :)

  2. Love all the updates friend. I am reading, I just don't comment as much as I should! I know I owe you a phone call! ;)