Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Impromptu Photo Shoot

We had scheduled with a friend and wonderful photographer to have our pictures taken a few weeks ago and it rained :( Since all the kids were bathed and in coordinating clothes, I decided to take a few pictures myself. These are the results - some pretty cute kids if I say so myself.

Now if we can get this rescheduled before the snow comes and maybe even get Christmas or perhaps New Year's cards out.....here's hoping


  1. I love the last shot--you could use that if you run out of time! I still can't get over how much Toby looks like you. Every time I see one of those pictures, I feel like we're kids again and I'm looking at you!
    Love, Gena

  2. Hi friend. Cute children! Man- Emnet is growing and looking so much older! We miss you guys- like a TON! I should just try calling you some time but we might not actually connect till after Christmas. We HAVE to talk because I think we probably have some similar stories! We've been struggling lately. Maybe we can encourage each other some how, right? Adorable families are hard work, eh? ;)